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MobyGames - please support our Patreon!
Exciting news - MobyGames has set up a Patreon to help fund continued expansion of the site. We're soliciting for monthly contributions - from $5 to $1,000 and beyond, including rewards - to "help us to continue modernizing the site (including making it mobile-friendly), improve contribution tools and flows, get the catalogue further up to date, attract more contributors and build a publicly accessible API." Please read more over at the MobyGames Patreon website.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Mar 28, 20147 comments
Introducing Moby the Whale
We are happy to announce a new MobyGames logo and mascot!

Today there were also a number of design updates to the header and footer, as well as some new functionality for approvers.

Further discussion and details on the latest site update can be found here.
Submitted by MobyReed (80) on Mar 11, 201417 comments
Weekly Whale - March 10th, 2014!
Check things out right here for the latest Weekly Whale at MobyGames, featuring a spectacular milestone for FatherJack, latest code updates, success from the 'Find A Game' forum, the quest for Facebook games, and a question about the next MobyGoal! Read it now...
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Mar 10, 20140 comments
New forum opened (Find a Game)
Trying to find an old game, but can't remember the name of it?

We've opened a new forum just for this purpose. Simply post a thread with whatever you remember about the game and our many experts will help you. No matter how old or obscure, they will likely find it!
Submitted by MobyReed (80) on Mar 02, 20140 comments
atari yars