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Looking for MobyGames' holes? Try our Bounty Board!
Although MobyGames' database is getting increasingly complete for boxed games, we're always looking for physical _and_ digital titles we've missed out on - and our Bounty Board is a great place to check for missing titles and consider adding them.

Some recent tips for games to add from myself include our 20+ missing Nokia N-Gage games & recent PlayStation Vita games, but there's others in here, including Elon Musk's first games, screenshots for World Of Warships, the popular WWE Supercard for mobile, and lots more. Go check it out and help if you can!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Mar 27, 20162 comments
MobyGames info/assets used in GDC Awards 'In Memoriam'
As some of you may know, my 'day job' when not helping with MobyGames is working on events including Game Developers Conference. Every year we have an awards show with an 'In Memoriam' section, based around obituaries of game devs who passed away in 2015 and early 2016 that we've compiled on our Gamasutra website.

We draw extensively from credits, covers and screenshots from MobyGames in order to do so - here's this year's 'In Memoriam' video. So thank you to ALL Moby contributors who made this possible. (We also commissioned an animated tribute to the late Satoru Iwata this year that has been particularly well received.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Mar 22, 20166 comments
Help needed - MobyGames arcade DB!
As many of you know, we only added 'arcade' as a platform in MobyGames back in January 2014. So it's impressive that we already have 1771 games documented!

However, many of these were existing arcade conversions that already existed on MobyGames in some form - and there's more than 5000 games in other arcade databases online. So arcade is probably the least complete 'physical' game format that we have. Can you help?

Thanks to contributors like Flapco, we're making some good progress. (He just added IGS PGM Metal Slug clone Demon Front, for example, & Kabushi added Manic Panic Ghosts.) But we need more help both adding/describing games & grabbing screenshots from MAME to upload. Go on, give it a go!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Mar 21, 20165 comments
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