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In Review - March '11
March will largely be remembered for a tragic event that touched the hearts of everyone around the world and for many, changed the way we considered or understood her mistress, Mother Nature. Our thoughts here at MobyGames will always be with those in Japan, and we greatly suggest donating if you haven't already.

On the gaming scene, many titles were delayed or cancelled after the tragedy. Motorstorm: Apocalypse had the biggest setback, launching only in Australia on its scheduled date while other countries saw it slip from its launch window. Other titles faltered, while Japan only series Disaster Report has been cancelled entirely.

In other news:

* Enter the 3DS. Nintendo's handheld launched worldwide across the month, celebrating strong sales and plenty of talk about its 3D and networking functions, as well as the much discussed Augmented Reality cards.

We've since added the console into our database, so be sure to check it out and contribute whatever you can, especially reviews of the launch titles.

* The Mass Effect hype machine roles on. Details are starting to appear regarding the upcoming third part of the space opera saga, while fans dug in for one last piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC.

* EA Sports will no long be publishing printed manuals for their games. A good thing for the environment, but another sign that the gaming world is set to evolve again. Don't panic too much though, since it's all there on the disc if you'll need it.

Speaking of EA Sports, expect the return of their NBA franchise, renamed 'Elite', in 2012.

* In somewhat surprising news, Bethesda Softworks confirmed Prey 2.

* In not so surprising news, Duke Nukem Forever was delayed ... again ... but only for a month or so, so it's not too bad (I've had the chance to play a demo of the game. Trust me when I say, Duke will be worth the wait).

* Finally, some MobyGames stats:

  • 98 total platforms, two shy of the ton, but not for too much longer I'd say...
  • 436,601 total screenshots.
  • 1007 total Nintendo Wii games ... 1008 total Super Nintendo games.
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