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MobyGames' Heroes of the Bounty Board!
Just wanted to namecheck some MobyGames contributors who've been going above and beyond to fill in some of the gaps in our database via Bounty Board requests.

In particular, LeprichansGold has been on fire, and fulfilling all kinds of requests, from the PC Valkyrie Chronicles to Blockstorm and a number of other games.

The request to complete our N-Gage platform has resulted in some new games from Virgil (adding direct capture screenshots!), Sciere, and others, hurray.

We've also spotted Rwolf helping out on an obscure PlayStation 2 rally game. So thanks to all, and keep checking the Bounty Board and filling in the gaps that others suggest if you can!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Apr 24, 20160 comments
Latest picks for MobyGames' 'Cover Of The Day'...

Some of you may have spotted that we're still doing daily updates to Twitter page, our Facebook page and even our Google+ page, highlighting some of the tens of thousands of covers scanned over the past decade+ by Moby contributors.

One good place to browse all of the recent picks is our Facebook gallery, where you'll see such gems as David Braben's 'Virus', the Game Boy version of 'Tetris', the Bitmap Bros' 'Magic Pockets', and 'Peanut Butter Panic', whatever that is!

We hope you enjoy our picks, and we'll keep it up - feel free to suggest additional covers in the comments if you want...

Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Apr 16, 20162 comments
Milestones: Kabushi, Sciere, Bregger, more...
Just wanted to shout out some veteran MobyGames contributors for hitting some big milestones in their multi-year work adding to our video game database!

Firstly, Kabushi recently hit 150,000 MobyPoints, a big number that puts him at #4 on our all-time list. And looks like Patrick Bregger just sneaked over 150k too (at #5!) - congrats to 'em both.

Then, of course, the motherfunkin' daddy Sciere just hit 350k MobyPoints (with 65k of them in the last year alone!) - spectacular job there. And finally, long-time veteran (he became an Approver in 2004!) B.L. Stryker is back contributing, so we'd like to re-welcome him. (Thanks to Karsa Orlong/MAT for the heads up!)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Apr 10, 20164 comments
Welcoming the 'MobyShots' Twitter bot!
This launched a little while ago, but we forgot to mention it! MobyShots is an unofficial Twitter bot coded by Florian and conceptualized by JP LeBreton. It Tweets a random screenshot and caption from the entire MobyGames database every 4 hours, uh, forevermore.

Neat stuff - and done purely via website scraping. More complex versions of Twitter bots and other data extractors should be available when we (hopefully) roll out the MobyGames API later this year. (Also, don't forget MobyGames has a Twitter feed, a Facebook feed, and even even a Google+ feed with curated 'Cover Of The Day', updated daily.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Apr 02, 20162 comments
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