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atari breakout
Sciere, Patrick Bregger and Ricky Derocher reach new heights
More contribution achievements to celebrate within the MobyCommunity:

Sciere continues to boldly go where no contributor has gone before and recently broke the nearly unimaginable 130,000 points barrier. If this alone isn't enough to let the Moby founders thankfully fall to their knees, his behind-the-scenes work (approvals, administration, whatnot) sure is. IMHO it can be safely said that Sciere is one of the main driving forces that keep this site running.

Some days ago, Patrick Bregger added a second 10,000 of contribution points to his belt. He continues his systematic contribution campaign by adding the most obscure of missing Windows games and doing valuable maintenance on all ends of the database. I don't know if he already owns approval rights, but judging by his constructive and thoughtful commentary in the forums, it can't be long.

And last, but not least, silent American contributor Ricky Derocher broke into the 10K points club, mostly by adding missing screen shots for ages-old home computer games.

Big congratulations to all!
Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on May 18, 201016 comments
MobyGames now supports the BBC Micro
The site's reach just became a little broader when the BBC Micro became a supported platform yesterday. Originally called Acorn Proton it went on to become a cornerstone of the British computing industry in the 1980s, despite the high cost. Ultimately covering nine models, it houses many ports of famous games, as well as the first steps of people that became famous game designers, such as Geoff Crammond's Revs and Ian Bell's and David Braben's Elite. It was also the platform where Martin Galway learned to design sound effects and music when he was seventeen years old.

There are also those obscure titles, which are given equal importance here on the site. The work of companies such as Alligata and Superior Software, and the many developers who worked hard, often out of garages or single rooms, to send out the titles that still live in many hearts today. If you notice a missing title, make sure to contribute to make them part of the games history here on the site. In less than a day we already list 25 BBC Micro titles.
Submitted by Sciere (772076) on May 15, 201016 comments
Humble Indie Bundle goes open-source
The Humble Indie Bundle is a compilation of six independent games available to be purchased on-line for a limited time, where the customers choose the value they want to pay and part of the money goes to charity. The developers behind some of the included titles promised that, after reaching one million dollars in sales, they would open the code for Lugaru HD, Gish and Penumbra Overture. This remarkable amount was reached in one week, and as result the code for Lugaru and Penumbra are already available, with the two other games to follow shortly and the surprise announcement that Aquaria is going open-source as well. The promotion received an extension of four more days.
Submitted by Macs Black (80138) on May 15, 20100 comments
10K for BurningStickMan - 70K for Joyvalley
BurningStickMan reached the 10,000 point milestone last week. He's also expected to break into the top 50 contributors list any day now, so I guess we can congratulate him in advance for that as well!

In spite of recently becoming an approver and spending much time on that, BurningStickMan managed to gain thousands of points contributing quality screenshots from most prominently modern consoles and PC games. Great job!

Joyvalley is now the third contributor to break the 70,000 milestone. With a variety of contributions. And well with the speed with which he raced passed 30, 40, 50 and 60,000 points this message shouldn't come as a surprise so soon. An incredible feat!

Congratulations both!
Submitted by vedder (57223) on May 11, 20108 comments
atari breakout