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atari yars
MobyGames News
ValueClick has started serving Pop Up ads to all of our users. I contacted them and they said they will let us opt out of Pop ups for our registered users. You should see this happen in the next few business days. If they don't live up to this we'll have to drop them like all the rest of our old ad networks. We've signed up ValueAd to see if they are any better. Keep in mind MobyGames costs us money to run. As we have added more features and our site has become more popular MobyGames costs have increased. If you love MobyGames and want to support us financially you can make a small donation here.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jun 22, 2002
MobyGames News
I've released a small update to the site that addresses some minor issues with the recent release and a couple of bonus features that should make life better.

  • Quick Search Improvements: The quick search now searches for Game Groups. Additionally, the number of matches is displayed along with a link to view the complete list of matches when more than ten matches are found.

  • Game Groups: The game group page now displays a selection of box covers from the group and a selection of screenshots to give you a better overview of the Game Group. Check out The Sims for an example.

  • Bug fixes: There are many minor bugs fixed and small improvements in this release that I won't bother to detail here.

  • Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jun 13, 2002
    MobyGames News
    I'm happy to announce that we've added the Atari Jaguar to the list of systems that we accept in MobyGames. While the Jaguar wasn't a very successful gaming platform (less that 80 games were released for it) it holds a significant place in history. The Jaguar has a strong following and was technically a great gaming system. This was the last gaming system produced by Atari, the people who brought us the 2600 and successfully started the whole console gaming market back in 1977.

    I wonder how long it will take to get all of the Jaguar games entered into MobyGames.
    Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jun 10, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Okay, I've turned on and These two sites filter out all games except Genesis and Super-NES games respectively. If you are interested in only one of those specefic platforms, then that's the site to visit. Otherwise you can just keep using which has information about all of the platforms we currently support.
    Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jun 07, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Just an update on the new gaming systems we added. We've only set up the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive system at this point, so please hold off on submitting games for the Sega CD and 32X. We'll have the ability to add those in a short while.

    It's just been less than a day, but good submissions for the Genesis and SNES are already pouring in. It's great.
    Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jun 06, 2002
    MobyGames News
    I have rolled out a new version of MobyGames with lots of exciting new stuff.

  • MobyGames is now taking submissions for two New Platforms Super NES and Sega Genesis. Two new websites, and will be coming online in the next few days.

  • Three new platforms are on the way; NES, Jaguar and Amiga! Start getting those entries ready.
  • Complete Credits Overhaul We have completely rewritten the credits data entry system to store more information and make entering the credits easier and more accurate. Here is a bullet list of the changes.
    • New step-by-step Interface with better usability and features.
    • Better name matching to prevent duplicate developers from being added to the database
    • Ability to group credits together
    • Games can now have credits for entities that are not people. (eg, companies, bands, stores, etc)
    • Ability to add supporting information for credits to help in the approval process.
    • New credits classifications, including a new heirachry for easier understanding.

  • Overhaul of approvals and approval notifications for better communication between users and approvers. See detailed information about your approvals from your account page.

  • Improved Developer Rap Sheet with more information and better layout.

  • Minimum score for Top Rated Games has been lowered from 4.0 to include more games in some of the smaller lists.

  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements.

  • Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jun 06, 2002
    atari yars