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Blizzard announces Diablo III
After a long wait, Blizzard finally announces another chapter in maybe their most successful franchise: Diablo III.

They say it is too soon to announce a release date, and all we know is that the game is in full 3D (using a custom engine and Havok physics) and we'll have 5 classes (the two already known are the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor). Players will be able to choose the gender of their character regardless of the class (as seen in Titan Quest) and gameplay-wise things do not seem to be that different.

Watching the trailer and remembering what we saw from Starcraft 2, I don't know about you, but I pray everyday so Blizzard doesn't pull an EA on us...
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Jun 28, 200810 comments
Shellshock rejected (again)
Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, Eidos's follow-up to 2004's Shellshock: Nam '67, has been rejected by the tossers at the OFLC. This means that both kids and adults cannot buy the game in Australia if it does not meet the requirements for any rating, the highest one being MA15+.

According to Eidos, the game centers on the use of psychological horror and fear. It is now a possibility that every country in the world is able to get the hands on a copy of the game, except Australia. If an adults-only rating actually existed in that country, it would become available there.
Submitted by Katakis | カタキス (42793) on Jun 27, 200818 comments
Wizo's 20,000 points!
When it comes to contributing some people specialize in a certain kind of item. Some people contribute mainly cover scans, others rather contribute screenshots, others prefer to revise descriptions and so on. Our German approver Wizo is a MobyRank specialist. When it comes to it, he's literally second to none, as almost half of his recently reached 20,000 points come from MobyRanking. Congratulations, Wizo!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Jun 24, 200821 comments
ATARI Biopic Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Paramount Pictures has secured rights to produce a period movie based on the dawn of video game industry. Following one of the most successful video game company through the prism of life of its founder, Nolan Bushnell.

Taking its cue from the script written by Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman the film will allegedly feature Leonard DiCaprio as Bushnell himself. It is currently uncertain how much truth there is to this statement. Perhaps DiCaprio will take a much smaller role or will limit his involvement with just a producer credit.

You all might already know that the history of ATARI has already been captured on film by one of its game designers, Howard Scott Warshaw. You can purchase four episodes of Once Upon Atari at this location.
Submitted by St. Martyne (3649) on Jun 08, 200810 comments
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