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MobyGames News
New feature article, courtesy of Mark Isaacson: A pocket history (pun intended) of the Game Boy. If you've ever wondered how it was started, what the Super Game Boy was, what Virtual Boy was, etc., give it a read.

In other news: Stop entering pirated games! Actually, I'm partially joking, but we've had to correct some entries recently because a few people were entering in what they thought was a "DOS" game that was really a cracked booter they had pirated off of some BBS in the 1980s. When in doubt, ask us -- we're pretty well-versed in the world of bootable games.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Jul 27, 2001
MobyGames News
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jul 20, 2001
MobyGames News
After resolving a screenshot dispute, I thought I'd mention some general policy that we'll document later in the FAQ:

  • We generally don't accept more than 30 screenshots per game. You don't need more than 30 shots to properly represent a game.
  • Also, all screenshots must have a meaningful description, not just "ingame 1", "ingame 2", etc. If it's not painfully obvious what we're looking at, it needs a decent description. And blank descriptions are not accepted.
  • Finally, screenshots can't give away the ending of the game. These are "spoilers", because they spoil the game for people who haven't played it yet.

If you disagree with these policies, email us to offer your suggestions.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Jul 19, 2001
MobyGames News
Happy Friday the 13th! Other websites may be clutching their rabbit's feet, throwing salt over their shoulder, and knocking on wood hoping that their server doesn't crash -- but we laugh in the face of superstition! To prove it, we've put up a new feature article, contributed by MobyUser Shawn McDonie. It attempts to tackle the controversial issue of PCs vs. consoles, made even more topical by the impending release of X-Box and GameCube. Check it out.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Jul 13, 2001
MobyGames News
I just approved what seems like a gazillion new reviews. Many old, some new. Check them out, as we have some new views on old games.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Jul 06, 2001
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