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XO Communications network up and down
I'm sure some of you have noticed that we've had some downtime today. The company we host our computers with has been having problems today which in turn is causing outages for MobyGames. This isn't the first time it's happened and I can't be optimistic that it will be the last. I've been trying to contact them all day, but none of my messages have been returned and the "Customer Care" number doesn't answer ... the one exception is where the voice attendant says "Thank You for calling XO, Goodbye".... dial-tone.

Anyway, don't worry, we're not going anywhere and these problems are not because of anything on our end. I am going to look into moving somewhere else, but it's a monumental process. If we do move providers, I can honestly say I hope XO suffers a horrible horrible well deserved death. Right now I want that to happen, but our equipment is with them ;)
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jul 21, 20075 comments
ESA annual "Essential Facts about Computer and Video Fame Industry" report.
The Entertainment Software Association has published its annual report called "Essential facts about computer and video game industry". It confirms the growth of popularity of video games among American populace. According to the ESA 67% of American heads of households play computer and video games, while the average game player age is 33. The favorite genre among Americans is Strategy constituting 27,5% and 35,4% in Video and Computer games units sold respectively. Quite interesting is that 55% of the parents agree that games are a positive part of their children lives and that 86% of children are actually receiving their parent permission before buying or renting a game. Among the most frequent gamers 51% of them is playing online, up from 19% in 2000. Full report here.
Submitted by St. Martyne (3649) on Jul 19, 200713 comments
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