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PolloDiablo reaches 10,000
PolloDiablo is the third woman in MobyGames' history to reach the 10,000 mark (and she may well be about to pass DJP Mom).

Congratulations for reaching the milestone and this in only two years and a few days of membership. Keep up the great work!
Submitted by formercontrib (158050) on Jul 26, 200914 comments
July milestones
With the current amount of submissions, it's no surprise some users have yet again managed to reach a milestone.

The Finnish user Picard broke 20,000 points, mainly because of his screenshots and web cover submissions.

The Brazilian powerhouse Macs Black struck back with his many, detailed game entries with screenshots, reaching 40,000 and he is currently wrestling Sicarius for the all time top 10 spot.

And then there's the German user Sicarius who broke 40,000 as well with heaps of very recent game entries and extensive credit listings. He currently holds the all time top 10 spot ... for now (see previous paragraph).

Congratulations to all of you!
Submitted by formercontrib (158050) on Jul 14, 20098 comments
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