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Milestone Celebration: Unicorn Lynx, Macs Black and LepricahnsGold
If actually a proof was needed whether the MobyGames community is very much alive or not, let's take a look at the latest achievements of some of our top contributors:

Russian-Israeli-Chinese contributor Unicorn Lynx, one of our too few people who are able to read Japanese and/or Chinese and who are actually contributing in this interesting gaming segment, got another motivation boost with the addition of the Japanese-only PC-88 and PC-98 platforms, thus easily jumping into the 80,000 points. He is the second man to ever reach this milestone. Besides his high quality work on Asian titles, his reviews are always a pleasure to read, and when looking at the average points reward for his 2010 reviews (4.59 by now where 5 is best) I'm clearly not alone with this opinion.

#1 Brazilian contributor Macs Black obviously continues to play many of the casual and hidden object games that are released out there - and he also continues adding them all to the database in high quality delivery, a work that saw him break the 70,000 points barrier as the fourth contributor ever recently. But a closer look at his contributions reveals that Macs must not be reduced to casual games: he adds obscure freeware games of all genres for home computers, has mastered the art of console screen capturing, and is the all-time #3 contributor of developer portraits. Just to give some examples.

And last, but not least, all-time #4 US-American contributor LepricahnsGold became the 12th man/woman to score 50,000 contribution points recently. For his latest 10,000 points he mostly added screen shots of ages-old home computer games (C64, MSX, Amstrad CPC), filling many visual database gaps of the 8-bit-age along the way. But I remember having seen him contribute for console systems/handhelds, too.

A big wet ki... err... a loud Hooray to all of you, guys. :o)

Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Jul 14, 201017 comments
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