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Xoleras becomes the sixth admin in MobyGames history
To strengthen the forces working at the back-end of the site, long-time German contributor and approver Xoleras has been appointed an administrator at the site. After getting used to all the quirks and inner workings, I'm sure he'll be able to get a lot more done. Good luck!
Submitted by Sciere (772076) on Aug 27, 200927 comments
Policenauts Translated!
Thirteen years after its original release, the fine people over at released an English translation patch for the PSX version of the critically acclaimed adventure/interactive movie game Policenauts, developed by this little fellow, who was still fairly unknown back then. The game can finally be played by people incapable (or not sufficiently capable) of deciphering the geometrical explosion known as written Japanese.

The translation includes each and every depiction of kanji in the whole game. Voice acting was thankfully left alone. Even the game's rare bugs have been eliminated, and a (for unknown reasons) previously locked text choice has been unlocked and can be selected for the first time.
Submitted by —- (1672) on Aug 27, 200914 comments
Approvals on hold
A critical bug is currently corrupting the game data in various areas. To prevent further damage, all approvals are currently on hold until the system is back to normal. As soon as this is resolved, expect the regular updates to be back on speed. We'll keep you posted.

Update: Brian was out of town this weekend, sorry for the delay in getting a fix pushed out. The good news is that everything is working fine now and there wasn't any data corruption. It turned out to be an problem with caching, which also had an easy fix.
Submitted by Sciere (772076) on Aug 15, 200928 comments
LepricahnsGold reaches 40,000
One of our resident casual game specialists LepricahnsGold has just whizzed past his fourth major milestone by breaking 40,000 points. Together with Macs Black, his keen eye and dedication to this specific genre of games, along with his interest in older classics for a wide variety of platforms, has provided a steady flow of quality submissions we can proud of. Congratulations!
Submitted by Sciere (772076) on Aug 09, 200910 comments
45 days for 10,000 points? Now he did it in 43 days. :P
Yes, you heard right!

The last news post was from June 21, where we congratulated Joyvalley for reaching 40,000 points, whereby the last 10,000 were contributed in just 45 days.

Now he had topped his own record again and pointed the last 10,000 points in just 43 days!

Once again, congratulation for Joyvalley.

He is now the 8th MobyGamer to break the 50,000 point threshold!


While we all know that Sciere is out of reach for some time, the second highest MobyGamer is Corn Popper, with just a little more than 66,000 points.

With 10,000 points in about 40 days, Joyvalley should put Corn Popper to position three in 65 days, or about 2 months!

Stay tuned. :-)
Submitted by Xoleras (66463) on Aug 03, 200927 comments
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