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Odyssey² / Videopac+ platform is fully documented on MobyGames!
Previously this month we had the great news that our database had all PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD games documented. Now we're proud to announce that all Odyssey² and Videopac+ G7400 games have their own entries here at MobyGames!

The Odyssey² (Videopac G7000 in Europe and just Odyssey in Brazil) has 87 games listed, including European and Brazilian exclusives, as well as prototype releases and homebrew games. The platform is very much alive, thank you, with more than 4 games released this year, one of them released earlier this month.

The Videopac+ G7400 (planned as the Odyssey³ but never released in the US) is an enhanced version of the Videopac, with 23 released titles, most of them backward compatible with the Videpac G7000. Among those releases are a few exclusives released for the Jopac, a version of the Videopac+ released only in France.

Of course this achievement doesn't compare with the completion of far more populated platforms such as the PC Engine mentioned here, but it is always satisfying to know that MobyGames fully documents a platform.

The work isn't finished, though. More games are about to be released, one of them scheduled for this month. But now it will be easier, as we will only need to keep up with those new releases.
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Aug 26, 201210 comments
Artist Paul Steed passes away
Kotaku reports Paul Steed, artist on Wing Commander and Quake series, has passed away unexpectedly. "The circumstances of Steed's passing are unknown. Steed is survived by his wife and children."
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Aug 13, 201212 comments
PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD platform is fully documented on MobyGames!
That's right - all the 408 games for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD console have their MobyGames entries now, which officially makes MobyGames the fullest, most comprehensive information source for this platform in the world. It is the largest completed MobyGames platform so far.

What's missing is what our website does not accept: demos without extra content and unreleased prototypes, all of which account for the 20 or so extra "games" you may see on various lists. Every other disc ever released for that console in any region is documented, including unlicensed and all known homebrew games that were released on physical discs.

Without false modesty I want to pat myself on the back, since it was yours truly who contributed the majority of the entries.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped contributing and also approved my submissions. Of particular mention is the incredible work done by Jotaro Raido. Not only did he help me avert mistakes and achieve a high level of accuracy with his valuable advice during approvals - he almost single-handedly filled up our PCE CD database with a vast amount of Japanese credits.
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Aug 06, 201229 comments
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