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Fallout's 10th anniversary
In October 2007 it will be exactly 10 years from when Fallout first saw the daylight. Come celebrate the anniversary with No Mutants Allowed and take part in sweet nostalgia.

Official Fallout's 10th anniversary site.
Submitted by The Fabulous King (1337) on Sep 27, 20078 comments
Halo 3 Hype
As a person who does not know much about console gaming, I was really surprised when I saw the news about Halo 3, Microsoft's game for its Xbox 360 system, on CNN. They were talking about a possible greater first-day sales than Spider Man 3 movie! I then searched the net and Halo 3 was indeed everywhere! For example, you can read a coverage of the release of the game in USA Today. Are we witnessing "the biggest video game roll-out ever"? With Halo 3, I just realized how big the game industry has become.
Submitted by Accatone (5314) on Sep 26, 200717 comments
Nintendo Wii outsells Xbox 360
... or according to this source it has. A report issued by the Financial Times states that to date, there have been 9 million Wiis, 8.9 million Xbox 360s, and 3.7 million PS3s sold worldwide. If it is true, Nintendo is once again at the top of console ladder, for the first time in almost 20 years.

This time last year, I don't think anyone was predicting things to turn out the way they have. Congratulations to Nintendo.
Submitted by Maw (884) on Sep 17, 200734 comments
Colin McRae dies
The former rally driving champion Colin McRae was killed and his five year-old son feared dead in a helicopter crash yesterday afternoon. The aircraft came down in Jerviswood, Lanarkshire, half a mile from the family's home and burst into flames just after 4pm.

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Editor: As gamers, we will remember him for lending his name to the fabulous Colin McRae series. Leaving his name out the US title of the latest entry, DiRT, is now sadly to be taken as an omen.
Submitted by PolloDiablo (16872) on Sep 15, 200710 comments
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