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atari breakout
Big John WV and Aarzak reach 10,000
Big John WV is a fairly new contributor, having registered in March 2007, but he has been quietly working in the background and has become an extremely valuable contributor to the site. In a year and a half, he submitted no less than 211 unique game entries and more than 10,000 MobyRanks.

Where most new contributors struggle with game descriptions, he immediately went for this difficult area of contributing and consistently delivers extensive descriptions, even for genres (e.g. sports games and especially American football) that appear to remain fairly unpopular with a large majority of our contribution field. Just like Sicarius he also focuses on major new titles immediately upon release. Those keep the site relevant to those who are only interested in modern-day games.

At the same time, German contributor Aarzak reached that milestone too. He has mostly focused on older console titles, helping us complete the NES listings and various other platforms. Since having joined in 2004, he has contributed 144 games to the database and almost 4,500 individual screenshots.
Submitted by Sciere (772670) on Sep 26, 200825 comments
A possible Dark Knight GTA-style video game?
Rumour has been flying (pardon the pun) for over a year about a possible game based on the Dark Knight movie, but the passing of Heath Ledger silenced it. Lately however it appears that a title may still be in the works. It is supposed to be worked on by Electronic Arts and Pandemic, most notably responsible for the Mercenaries series and it is said to have a GTA-style design to it. EA originally thought the movie would not be successful enough for a game tie-in and they were obviously proven wrong. More info.

It was even "confirmed" by none other than Gary Oldman, known as Commission Gordon from the movie. It was reported before July and was even posted on Youtube, but has since been removed by G4. More info.

It's hard to say if this game will ever be released at this point in time as well as who will be doing the voices of the game or what characters will be playable. Only time will tell.
Submitted by Big John WV (27209) on Sep 10, 20088 comments
LepricahnsGold reaches 20,000
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 20,000 points is a common mark these days. But that doesn't mean it isn't important, on the contrary, it shows how much our site keeps growing, and this time our American contributor LepricahnsGold is the one to reach it. His wonderful job with the Atari 2600 entries is something I always remember.

Congratulations Lepricahns, keep bringing us your gold!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Sep 07, 200815 comments
Second woman to reach 10,000
Contributor and approver DJP Mom has become the second woman (after Jeanne) to score 10,000 MobyPoints. DJP Mom has enriched our site with fantastic contributions (mostly in the field of educational games), enchanting presence in the forums, as well as intriguing cat-themed avatars. Congratulations!
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Sep 06, 200821 comments
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