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Xoleras Goes For Silver
Contributor, approver, and recently an admin of MobyGames, the world-famous Xoleras just surpassed Corn Popper as MG's all-time Number Two contributor. Is it just a matter of time before he surpasses the unsurpassable Sciere? Will gold and silver medals remain forever in Europe? Stay tuned.
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Sep 16, 20095 comments
New MobyGames BETA Quick Search
Brian put out a new quick search yesterday that has made a lot of improvements in usability and more relevant results based on the input of our admins and approvers. We now feel it's ready for more general testing. You can access it from the quick search page. Right now, the old search is still the default, but you can switch back and forth between them. Please take some time and check it out. We also encourage you to seed us feedback with the provided link on the search page and/or this news thread so we can continue to improve it and make it better. Once we've run it through the hoops, we'll switch the new search to the default and finally phase out the old search.
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Sep 10, 200936 comments
djsquarewave hits the 10K
Although roughly 400 points ago, it still needs to be noted that yet another contributor has passed the legendary 10,000 point line. This time it was djsquarewave, with his immense knowledge of all things Japanese and console related. He's been relentless in updating, contributing and adding missing information on everything and anything Japanese in the roughly two years since he registered his user name on MobyGames.

Keep up the good work, and keep the submissions coming!
Submitted by Parf (7782) on Sep 08, 200912 comments
Lynx and Genesis Turn Twenty, Dreamcast Turns Ten.
One of the misfits in gaming history, this year marks the Lynx's twentieth anniversary. Although ambitious at the time, the Lynx ultimately faded into obscurity.

Released in 1989, at a price of $189.95, the Lynx was the first to feature a full color, back lit LCD screen. Released the same year as the Game Boy, Lynx seemed to do reasonably well in it's first year. It has much better graphics than Game Boy, and stereo sound. It even had a couple of popular games like Paper Boy and Raiden.

But sadly, due to it's price, notoriously short battery life, and few quality titles, it started to fade away quickly. In 1991 the Lynx was slimmed down, the price was dropped and was given slightly better battery life, but not even that could save it. By 1992 it was all but extinct. The Lynx now has a small fan base, but any future hardware seems unlikely. A not so Happy Anniversary to the Lynx.

For those of you who weren't feeling old enough, this year the Genesis also hits the twenty year mark. The console that dared to knock Nintendo off their perch as number one console in the world, it's remembered as one of the best consoles ever made, and for it's notorious rivalry with the Super Nintendo. Launched in 1989, it was bundled with Altered Beast. In 1991 Sega launched it's signature game, Sonic, and by 1992 it had managed to gain a 55% market share over the Super Nintendo.

The Genesis was praised for it's wide assortment of games. Everything from shooters to RPGs. In 1993 Sega got the edge over Nintendo by having a uncensored version of Mortal Kombat on the Genesis. The Genesis was on top of the world. But two poor add-ons (Sega CD and 32X) dampened it's popularity. Along with Donkey Kong Country, Nintendo was slowly chipping away at Sega. Despite this, the Genesis was still on store shelves all the way into 1998.

Still one of Sega's most popular consoles, the games it spawned are still popular today. Emulation and game collections still make it a highly regarded console today. Happy anniversary Genesis.

This year also marks the tenth anniversary of Sega's last console, the Dreamcast. A bold, but unsuccessful attempt to put themselves back on top of the console world. Released in 1999, it sold 500,000 units in just two weeks. It featured revolutionary graphics at the time that even beat out some PC games.

While not the first console with online capabilities, (that would be the Saturn), it was the first to offer broadband internet play. It was well beloved by gamers, but was ultimately crushed by Sony's Playstation 2. Sega, who no longer produced hardware after the Dreamcast's failure, went on to produce software for all consoles.

A console ahead of it's time, and one that died too soon, the Dreamcast will always have a special place in videogame history.

Happy anniversary to the Lynx, Genesis and Dreamcast !
Submitted by GAMEBOY COLOR! (2002) on Sep 07, 200912 comments
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