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atari saboteur
Milestone Celebration: Kabushi, Sicarius and Evil Ryu
Some weeks went by where I let my attention to the top contributors' list slide and: Bingo! Three of Moby's finest reached a new personal milestone meanwhile.

MobyGames admin and top Swedish contributor Kabushi jumped over the 60,000 contribution points barrier as the ninth member ever. Of his latest 10,000 points he scored roughly one third with submitting credits and another third with company release info. Both of these fields of contribution are very valuable database work, but don't really tease out contributions with easy points - so scoring over 3,000 for both within 10,000 points is a remarkable feat in itself. Furthermore, Kabushi's behind-the-scenes work may not be as visible as Sciere's (at least not for me), but I'm very sure that he does many valuable things there, too. Oh, and he seems to own a cell phone for every mobile operating system there is - or is it just emulation? =)

German hardcore gamer Sicarius lost the race for the ninth 60K member by a hair's breadth and so became the tenth contributor to ever earn this title, which is also not too bad an achievement. He's still the one member who adds the most major new Windows games quite soon after release, and while his block-then-contribute-completely tactic may be frowned upon from time to time, I couldn't care less. With Sicarius delivering high-quality contributions and so many other things to add to or do within the database, there shouldn't be many eyebrows raised. Oh, and besides he seems to have much fun with his iPhone lately. :o)

And last, but in no way least, #2 Brazilian contributor Evil Ryu cracked the 40,000 points barrier and thus became the 13th member to ever do so. His latest 10K points came almost exclusively from adding credits which allowed him to defend his current titles of all-time #3 and 2010 top contributor for credits against the intense attacks of Sicarius.

Big congrats to all of you guys and keep up the great work!
Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Sep 05, 201022 comments
atari saboteur