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Loss of one of our own
Not game related, but certainly site related. One of our own site contributors and approver DJP Mom has passed away. The following was posted on her Facebook page:

My name is Corey, Deb's son. Unfortunately my mother passed away tonight at 1:00 AM in a state of cardiac arrest. To all her friends, thank you for keeping her as happy as possible, and please keep her in your thoughts. please send your thoughts and comments to [email protected] Thank You.

Our deepest condolences to her family, rest in peace. - MobyGames
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Sep 18, 201136 comments
The new Windows is coming.
Well, Microsoft has announced that they are (unsurprisingly) working on the operating system follow up to Win 7, which they have decided to call *drum roll* Windows 8!.

But a lousy and obvious name is not why I consider this new worthy. No, it's the features that are, especially if, by chance you own an Xbox 360. According to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Microsoft's mouthpiece for all things Xbox Live, Win 8 will be packing Xbox Live support for PC's, and that MS will be hoping developers will be making PC games that harness the power of Xbox Live, which, I hope, will bring about more cross platform multiplayer games between PC's and 360's, which will be interesting in regards to the control pad/keyboard and mouse debate.

Beyond this, information is a little more sketchy, but this could spell the end of Microsoft's Games for windows brand, as well as giving gamers the ability to use songs and films downloaded on one platform (through, for instance, a song downloaded via zube on a 360) on both platforms.

Time will tell how Windows 8 will shape up, but these is an interesting start, I would say.
Submitted by havoc of smeg (22206) on Sep 14, 201123 comments
Dragon Quest X: Awakening of Five Tribes confirmed for Wii and Wii U in 2012
After three years of simply saying that the game exists, Square Enix have now released the first footage of the tenth instalment of Yuji Horii's lauded role-playing series.

Dragon Quest X: Awakening of Five Tribes will be an online role-playing game developed in-house by Square Enix for the first time in the series, with Yosuke Saito. Combat will be turn-based as per tradition, with the player being allowed move around the battle field and execute an attack after a period of time. There will be five races to play as, with multiple jobs for players to choose.

While players can complete the game entirely on their own, Dragon Quest X will have a fully-fledged online co-operative multiplayer component. Players will see other players in the game world and can assist them in battle. Also, players will be able to transfer their character to their Nintendo 3DS to take advantage of StreetPass. Additional quests will be made available at the same pace as the previous instalment or perhaps more frequently.

Dragon Quest X is due for release on Wii and Wii U in 2012 in Japan. Details on beta testing are to be announced.
Submitted by CrankyStorming (3002) on Sep 05, 20112 comments
atari breakout