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Ubisoft Officially Announces Scrapping Always-On DRM
After quietly scrapping it months ago, Ubisoft representatives have officially announced, in an interview given to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, that the always-on DRM system previously used by the company will not reappear in any of their future PC releases. It will, instead, be replaced by an one-time on-line activation, after which the single-player portion of the games, devoid of any on-line components, will be playable even without any active Internet connection.

Despite the reporter's repeated attempts, however, they have blatantly refused to admit that the system was a mistake or a failure. In addition, and without offering any solid reason, they have stubbornly refused to provide any data to back up their claims about the extent of piracy, the losses caused by it or the effectiveness of DRM as a whole as a method of fighting it, though they were forced to back down on some of their most extreme earlier statements on the issue, blaming miscommunication.

On another note, in the same interview it was stated that, despite PC sales only making up 7% of the company's revenue in the last fiscal year [wonder why...], gamers will no longer need to wait nearly as long for the PC versions of Ubisoft games in the future.
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