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Bob Polaro

aka: Robert C. Polaro

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Bob Polaro started his career in the industry programming for Adam Systems, developing accounting package in the seventies for the Data General Nova II computer. Next, he joined Commodore where he created programs for the Commodore Pet, such as Blackjack, Stock Portfolio and Baseball.

Later, he went to work for Atari, developing games such as Mugwump, Stand and Hangman, for the 400/800 systems, as well as reference titles such as Biorhythm and States and Capitals.

His most notable games are those for the Atari 2600. He is most known for Defender, but was also responsible for Desert Falcon, Road Runner, RealSports Volleyball and Sprintmaster. He had a short stint at Activision, in the mid-1980's, and he developed the 2600 version of Rampage for the company.

Soon thereafter he founded BOBCO, initially programming geography software pieces for the Commodore 64 and Apple II.

He returned to videogames in the early 1990's. At THQ, he was the lead designed on Bass Masters Classic (SNES) and assisted in the Genesis translation as well. He designed Arcade Video redemption and online games for Arcade Planet.

Later he worked at Santa Cruz Games to develop a plug and play joystick game for Spider-Man 2. He then moved on to web page design with BOBCO and Websitesforyou.net.

Credited on 22 games

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Activision Hits Remixed (2006 on PSP) An Incredibly Huge Thanks To
Activision Anthology: Remix Edition (2003 on Windows) Incredibly Huge Thanks
Activision Anthology (2002 on PlayStation 2) An Incredibly Huge Thanks to
Holey Moley (2002 on Atari 2600) By
Bugs Bunny (2002 on Atari 2600) By
Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition (1996 on SNES) Programming and Design
Bass Masters Classic (1995 on SNES) Technical Design
The Mask (1995 on SNES) Additional Programming
Rampage (1989 on Atari 2600) Reprogrammed for the Atari 2600 by
Sprint Master (1989 on Atari 2600) Programmed by
Road Runner (1989 on Atari 2600) Programmer
Desert Falcon (1987 on Atari 2600) Programmed by
RealSports Volleyball (1982 on Atari 2600) Program
Dice Poker (1982 on Atari 8-bit) By
Defender (1982 on Atari 2600) Program
Space Trek (1981 on Atari 8-bit) By
Preschool Games (1981 on Atari 8-bit) By
Reversi (1981 on Atari 8-bit) By
Lemonade (1981 on Atari 8-bit) By
Mugwump (1981 on Atari 8-bit) By

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Bob Polaro
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