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Jeff McCord

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Jeff McCord is the author of Sword of Fargoal™, published through Epyx in 1982 and 1983. Jeff moved grew up in Kentucky, and moved to the California Bay Area at 19 to work in the game industry. After having worked at Epyx translating his game to the Vic-20 and C-64, Jeff began developing a game for the recently-founded Electronic Arts. That game — a space exploration and battle game — was never completed.

Jeff has persued many other vocations and activities. Upon leaving California in 1984, Jeff began his studies in filmmaking at NYU, later working as a layout/production artist in New York for The Villiage Voice and National Lampoon.

In 1986 Jeff moved to Seattle, and after graduating from The Evergreen State College with a BA in 1990, founded and continues to operate his own freelance Graphic Arts business called Freelancelot, becoming a leading Photoshop and Electronic Prepress artist. Jeff was a speaker at Mac World and the Photoshop Conference in San Francisco, his work has been featured in the Photoshop WOW! Book, Mac User, and has had illustrations in Entertainment Weekly and Spy magazine. Jeff has taught periodically at the Art Institute of Seattle and other Northwest arts programs.

In 2001 Jeff formed a company called House to Home, moving a 5-bedroom Craftsman style house two-and-a-half blocks and restoring it at the new location. H2H now offers consulting services in areas related to the moving and history preservation of residential homes and works for a house moving company called Nickel Bros. House Moving: check out homes for sale on the internet at www.nickelbros.com !!

In 2002, Jeff founded another house restoration and development company called The Neighborhood Company, renovating the original house where REI (Recreational Equipment Corporation) was established in 1938 in West Seattle. The three “new construction” homes are now available for sale West Seattle.

Jeff recently worked for a board game design company called Front Porch Classics, While there, he designed the 2005 FPC Catalog, their business card & letterhead, and he worked on several of their existing and future games from a graphic design and game functionality perspective. He also created the “Party Mixers” game tins series which has recently become commercially available. Jeff continues to freelance in the design and creation of traditional board, card, and electronic games!

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Elroy Goes Bugzerk (1995 on Macintosh) Special Thanks
Sword of Fargoal (1982 on VIC-20) By

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