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Hal Barwood is an anomaly in the gaming industry. He is clearly much more seasoned and experienced than the usual twenty-somethings associated with the business, and unlike his contemporaries, most of whom have never held jobs outside of gaming, Hal had a wildly successful career before he was wisely hired by LucasArts.

Hal Barwood was the screenwriter for Steven Spielberg's first theatrical feature, The Sugarland Express (1974), and he also wrote The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings (1976) and the best danged fantasy movie ever made, Dragonslayer (1981), among many others.

At LucasArts, Hal has been credited with Writing/Dialogue/Story/Design and Project Leader on games that span the LucasArts spectrum from Yoda Stories to Rebel Assault 2 to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. He is clearly a jack of many trades and master of them all.

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Credited on 29 games

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The Church in the Darkness (2019, Windows) Tremendous Thanks
Full Throttle: Remastered (2017, Windows) Said it was a good idea
Day of the Tentacle: Remastered (2016, Windows) Opening fixed by
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition (2010, Windows) "Works like crazy!"
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (2010, PlayStation 3) Special Guest Film Director
Mata Hari (2008, Windows) Story & Design
ZenGems (2007, Windows) Level Design
RTX: Red Rock (2003, PlayStation 2) Designer
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (2003, Windows) Special Thanks
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (2002, PlayStation 2) The Developers Wish To Thank
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (2001, Game Boy Color) Original Game Design
Star Wars: Starfighter (2001, PlayStation 2) Thanks To
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (1999, Windows) Project Leader
Star Wars: DroidWorks (1998, Windows) Thanks To
Outlaws (1997, Windows) Special Thanks To
The Curse of Monkey Island (1997, Windows) Special Thanks To
Star Wars: Yoda Stories (1997, Windows) Project Leader
Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures (1996, Windows 3.x) Project Leader
Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion (1996, Windows) Special Thanks
Big Sky Trooper (1995, SNES) Designer & Project Leader

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