Michael Francis Dietz

aka: Mike Dietz

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The indisputable best animator in the biz, Mike makes us all look better than we really are. We all learn animation from him and stand slack jawed at his ability. Mike likes to raise Sea Monkeys. He tries to teach them tricks like the package says you can. Mike worked on the same games as Douglas TenNapel only his animation was much better. Mike helped to invent the Digicel Process and the Animotion 1 and 2 processes. He has invented a new process here at the Neverhood, but we aren't going to try to exploit it or him by trying to snow you with it. WWW.MIKEDIETZ.COM is his website and Slappy Pictures is his animation company...

Credited on 31 games

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Battletoads (2020, Windows Apps) Character Designers
Avatar: Pandora Rising (2019, iPhone) Pandora Rising Development Team
Armikrog. (2015, Windows) Pencil Test Studios
Disneyā€¢Pixar Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales (2010, Wii) Additional Animation Support
Earthworm Jim HD (2010, PlayStation 3) Directing Animator
God of War III (2010, PlayStation 3) Animators
Disneyā€¢Pixar Toy Story Mania! (2009, Wii) Lead Animator
Disneyā€¢Pixar Up (2009, PlayStation 3) Additional Development
Disneyā€¢Pixar Wall-E (2008, PlayStation 3) Additional Development
Disneyā€¢Pixar Ratatouille (2007, Game Boy Advance) Heavy Iron Studios
Disneyā€¢Pixar Ratatouille (2007, Xbox 360) Animation
Disneyā€¢Pixar Ratatouille (2007, PlayStation 2) Produced by Heavy Iron Studios
The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer (2005, PlayStation 2) Animation Managers
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005, Xbox) Animation Director
Wrath Unleashed (2004, PlayStation 2) Animation Director
BoomBots (1999, PlayStation) Animators
The Neverhood (1998, PlayStation) Artists
Skullmonkeys (1998, PlayStation) Lead Animators
Earthworm Jim 1 & 2: The Whole Can 'O Worms (1996, DOS) Animation
Earthworm Jim 2 (1995, SNES) Directing Animator

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