Yasunobu Kasuya

aka: 柏谷 康伸
Moby ID: 233616

Credited on 28 games

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Tekipaki: Working Love FX (1998, PC-FX) Sales & Publicity (広報・販促)
Rururi Ra Rura (1998, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Ah! Megami-Sama (1997, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Minimum Nanonic (1997, PC-FX) Publicity (広報)
Comicroad (1997, PC-FX) Publicity (広報)
Chōshin Heiki Zeroigar (1997, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Tonari no Princess Rolfee (1997, PC-FX) Promotion (販促)
Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari: Shūgaku Ryokō (1997, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Sparkling Feather (1997, PC-FX) Nihon Denki Home Electronics Ltd. (日本電気ホームエレクトロニクス(株))
Hataraku Shōjo: Tekipaki Working Love (1997, TurboGrafx CD) Sales Promotion (販促)
Fire Woman: Matoi-gumi (1996, PC-FX) Promotion Staff: NEC Home Electronics (プロモーションスタッフ 日本電気ホームエレクトロニクス)
Blue Breaker: Ken yori mo Hohoemi o (1996, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Chip Chan Kick! (1996, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Bazaru de Gozaru no Game de Gozaru (1996, TurboGrafx CD) Promotion
Megami Tengoku II (1996, PC-FX) Promotion Staff (プロモーションスタッフ)
Kokū Hyōryō Nirgends (1996, PC-FX) Marketing & Promotion (広報宣伝)
Ojōsama Sōsamō (1996, PC-FX) Marketing (販促)
Voice Paradise (1996, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Miraculum: The Last Revelation (1996, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)
Power Dolls FX (1996, PC-FX) Promotion (プロモーション)

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