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Brent Knowles is a writer, programmer, and game designer.

He is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s computer science program and worked at the role-playing game studio BioWare for ten years (Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age), during most of which he was a Lead Designer/Creative Director.

Now he writes full time.

He has been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies including The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, Shroud, Abyss and Apex, Neo-Opsis, On Spec, and Tales of the Talisman.

In 2009 Brent placed first in the third quarter of the Writer’s of the Future Contest with his story ‘Digital Rights’.

Credited on 17 games

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Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition (2017, Windows) Production
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear (2016, Windows) Quality Assurance Team
Sword Coast Legends (2015, Windows) Game Design
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (2013, Windows) Core Design Team
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (2012, Windows) Special Thanks
Dragon Age: Origins (2009, Windows) Lead Designers
Jade Empire: Special Edition (2007, Windows) Technical Designers
Jade Empire (Limited Edition) (2005, Xbox) Technical Designers
Jade Empire (2005, Xbox) Technical Designers
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark (2003, Windows) Lead Designer
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003, Windows) Special Thanks
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (2003, Windows) Lead Designer
Neverwinter Nights: Gold (2003, Windows) Core Game Design
Neverwinter Nights (2002, Windows) Core Game Design
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (2001, Windows) Special Thanks To
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000, Windows) Design
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Collector's Edition) (2000, Windows) Core Design Team

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