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Sam Overton

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Sam Overton graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1969. An electronic engineer by profession, he was manager of software for video games at North American Philips, Knoxville, Tennessee, heading the second design group for Odyssey┬▓ games.

He had been a member of the original Odyssey programming group in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and was then working at Milton Bradley with Robert S. Harris when he was called to lead the new N.A.P. design group, and he brought Harris along. He designed most of the sports games for the Odyssey┬▓, and some others.

Credited on 5 games

Sid the Spellbinder! (1982 on Odyssey 2) Programmer
Cosmic Conflict! (1978 on Odyssey 2) Programmer
Las Vegas Blackjack! (1978 on Odyssey 2) Programmer
Bowling! / Basketball! (1978 on Odyssey 2) Programmer
Computer Golf! (1978 on Odyssey 2) Programmer
developer photo

Overton as he appeared in
the Vol 1 - Winter 1982 - Issue 1
of Odyssey Adventure Club Magazine.


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