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Selcuk Bor

aka: MaestroRage , Symphony of Specters

Credits (13 credits on 11 games)

Age of Conquest: North America (Android, 2019) Victory Song
Pit People (Windows, 2017) Music
Pit People (Windows, 2017) Sound
Castle Crashers: Remastered (Xbox One, 2015) Music
Raze 3 (Browser, 2014) Music (as Symphony of Specters) ("The Meeting", "The Kings Summit", "Epic Trailer Track")
Strike Force Heroes 2 (Browser, 2013) Music ("Epic Cinematic Trailer Music", "The Meeting", "Epic Siegius Mix")
Castle Crashers (Windows, 2012) Music
Age of Conquest: South America (Android, 2012) Victory Song
Strike Force Heroes (Browser, 2012) Music ("Title Theme", "A Hero Emerges", "Slow Victory")
Raze 2 (Browser, 2011) Rising Legend (as MaestroRage)
Epic War 2: The Sons of Destiny (Browser, 2008) Sound Artist (MaestroRage)
Castle Crashers (Xbox 360, 2008) Music
Valley (Xbox One, 2016) Blue Isle Studios Development Team