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Damion Schubert has been working with making and designing online games for over 10 years. Damion started working with text MUDs, where he did significant work for CarnageMUD, a game considered by industry experts to be very important in the future development of MUDdom. There, Damion met Raph Koster, who helped Damion get into the pay-for industry years later.

Damion worked with a startup called Archetype Interactive in 1995, working on an early graphical Massively Multiplayer title called "Meridian 59". In May of 1996, Archetype was purchased by 3DO, who ended up publishing the title. By the time the title was published in 1996, Damion had taken the role of Lead Designer, a role he would hold through two further mission packs for the game ("Revelations" and "Vale of Sorrows"). Damion also did some work on "Might and Magic Online", but when that project was cancelled, Damion left the company to work for Origin.

There, Damion worked on Ultima Online (as a member of the Live team) for a very brief period of time. When Origin decided to start "Ultima Online II", Damion was moved over to that project, becoming the Lead Designer of it shortly afterwards. Development of that project lasted 3 years, but it was ultimately cancelled.

Damion then joined with several other ex-UO2 people to form a startup called Ninjaneering. While there, Ninjaneering offered contracting services for other games, including Maxis' "Sims Online"and Kalisto's "Highlander Online", as well as their own titles, including "Hollyworld", a social MMO with a machinima twist.

Damion then worked at Wolfpack (later acquired by Ubisoft), where he helped the development team finish up Shadowbane, and served as the producer for two expansion packs, "Rise of Chaos" and "Throne of Oblivion".

Damion now works at Bioware Austin on "Star Wars: The Old Republic" as the Lead Combat Designer.

Damion has occasionally written articles and spoken at conferences, usually on matters of online game design and video game violence in the media. Damion's personal website can be found at http://www.zenofdesign.com.

Credited on 7 games

ReignMaker (2014, Windows) Backers
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Starfighter (2013, Windows) Lead Designers
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Rise of the Hutt Cartel (2013, Windows) Lead Designer
Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011, Windows) Lead System Designer
Shadowbane (2003, Windows) Designers
The Sims Online (2002, Windows) Thanks to
Meridian 59 (1996, Windows) Design

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