game cover GAME: Abuse (August 31st, 1995)
AKA: Alien Abuse, Abuse Classic
Linux (1995), DOS (1995), Macintosh (1996), Amiga (1998), Acorn 32-bit (1998), BeOS (1998), GP2X (2008), GP2X Wiz (2009), iPhone (2009)
PERSON: Evan Bause
Credited on Among the Sleep.
PERSON: Carolyn H. Buse
Credited on 6 games, including Zombie Dinos from Planet Zeltoid.
PERSON: John Buse
Credited on 2 games, including Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.
PERSON: Tom Buse
Credited on Empire Deluxe Scenarios.
COMPANY: Amuse, Inc.
9 games documented, including Samurai Maiden.
PERSON: Leonie Buse
Credited on Dark.
PERSON: Franz Buse
Credited on World War II: Panzer Claws.
developer photo PERSON: Laura Buse
Credited on 3 games, including Rage 2.
PERSON: Caleb Buse
Credited on Xbox Fitness.
PERSON: Florin-Emilian Buse
Credited on 27 games, including Assassin's Creed: Origins.
COMPANY: Axes Art Amuse
AAA was formerly the no. 1 development division of Hect.
10 games documented, including Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future's Past.
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