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GROUP: Diablo variants
Role-playing games (RPGs) inspired by Diablo, Diablo II, or Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (or all), copying similar gameplay mechanics, many of which were first introduced or later popularized by Diablo games to a high degree. The popularity of Diablo later popularized the re-use of jargons...
GROUP: Diablo series
Diablo is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing games by Blizzard. The games draw inspiration from roguelikes by focusing on extensive dungeon crawling and having randomized environments, enemies, and items. However, unlike true roguelikes, Diablo games have action-oriented combat with...
GROUP: Automobile: Lamborghini Diablo
Games where the player can drive the Lamborghini Diablo. Includes all Diablo variants: VT, VT Roadster, GT, 6.0 SE etc. -- from Test Drive III: The Passion (1990), and Forza Horizon (2012) Limitations The car must be playable! If the car only appears in a game but the player can't drive it, the...
GROUP: Diablo II series
Diablo II with its own collector's edition and add-ons, the story which was driven separately after original Diablo, and where the former hero is now the ultimate nemesis to confront. Related Groups * Diablo series* Diablo variants
GROUP: Unofficial add-ons for Diablo series
This group contains all unofficial add-ons for games in the Diablo series.