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COMPANY: Enigma Entertainment
13 games documented, including Strike Force 2: Terrorist Hunt.
COMPANY: Enigma Studio
2 games documented, including The Enigma Machine.
COMPANY: Enigma Developments
1 game documented: Trivia Trove.
COMPANY: Enigma Variations Ltd.
Enigma Variations was based in Harrogate, in North Yorkshire, in England. The company's Managing Directors were Mark Greenshields, and Richard Naylor. The firm was originally based in Richard's residence. After a while they moved to new offices near the centre of town in North Park Road....
30 games documented, including Populous.
COMPANY: Enigma Pendulum
1 game documented: The Boy Who Typed Wolf.
COMPANY: Enigma Software Developments
3 games documented, including PowerMonger.
COMPANY: ├ćnigma Games
3 games documented, including Revolver.
COMPANY: Enigma Games Ltd.
1 game documented: The Artifact.
COMPANY: Enigma Software Development
1 game documented: Rubicon.
COMPANY: Enigma Software Productions, S.L.
Enigma Software Productions, S.L. is a game developer located in Madrid, Spain. The company began in 1993 when its founders started work on the development of Trauma, 2D shootÔÇÖem up, which was commercialized in 1995 by the Madrid-based publisher Friendware. Enigma developed a publishing...
9 games documented, including Trauma.
COMPANY: Enigmatic Network
6 games documented, including Blastboard: Cape Plugin.
COMPANY: EnigmaDev Studios
No games documented yet.
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