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game cover GAME: LineWars (July 17th, 1989)
DOS (1989)
game cover GAME: LineWars II (1994)
DOS (1994)
GROUP: LineWars series
COMPANY: Lifeware
2 games documented, including Narnia.
PERSON: Derek Lewars
Credited on The Crew 2.
COMPANY: LineFarm, Inc.
2 games documented, including Lost Dimension.
COMPANY: Lolita LineArt
2 games documented, including Fantasy Sliding Puzzle 2 (NSFW).
COMPANY: Marvelous Liveware Inc.
1 game documented: Aero Mission 3D.
GROUP: LineArt Jigsaw Puzzle series
COMPANY: Post Linear Creations Ltd.
2 games documented, including Mr Bean's Wacky World.
GROUP: NOMAM Basic Ten-Liners 2014 competition
Entries in the competition held during the 2014 NOMAM ("Not Only Marvellous Atari Machines") retro meeting in Germany. The goal was to write an Atari 8-Bit game in no more than 10 lines of Turbo Basic XL code (or regular Basic, if one wished.) The deadline for entries was April 26 (April 22 for...
GROUP: Non-Linear Text Quests series
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