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COMPANY: Loriciel SA
Loriciels (later known as Loriciel) was a French video game company, founded in 1983 by Marc Bayle and Laurent Weill. The company thrived in the 80's developing and publishing games on various platforms: Oric 1, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Thomson and eventually Amiga and Atari...
126 games documented, including Star Rank Boxing.
PERSON: Mariciel Abiog
Credited on SimCity 3000.
COMPANY: Semaphore Logiciel
1 game documented: 3-D Voicechess.
PERSON: John de Lorimier
Credited on Wacky Jacks.
COMPANY: France Image Logiciel
25 games documented, including Wizball.
COMPANY: Nathan Logiciels
AKA: VIFI logiciel, Nathan Logiciels
7 games documented, including Lucky Luke.
game cover GAME: Laser Lords (1992)
CD-i (1992)
ADULT GAME: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (June 4th, 1987)
DOS (1987), Apple II (1987), TRS-80 CoCo (1988), Atari ST (1988), Macintosh (1988), Amiga (1988), Apple IIgs (1988), Windows (2021)
game cover GAME: Lands of Lore III (March 3rd, 1999)
Windows (1999)
ADULT GAME: Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1991)
DOS (1991), Amiga (1991), Macintosh (1992)
ADULT GAME: Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) (October 27th, 1988)
DOS (1988), Amiga (1989), Atari ST (1989), Windows (2017)
game cover GAME: Lords of Doom (1990)
DOS (1990), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), Commodore 64 (1990)
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