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game cover GAME: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (1995)
AKA: Donald in Maui Mallard, Donald starring in Maui Mallard
Genesis (1995), Windows 3.x (1996), Windows (1996), SNES (1996), Game Boy (1998)
COMPANY: Mallard Outdoor
1 game documented: Redneck Deer Huntin'.
PERSON: Yann Mallard
Credited on 6 games, including Dreams to Reality.
PERSON: Charles Mallard
Credited on 3 games, including StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.
COMPANY: Mallard Software Inc.
15 games documented, including San Francisco: Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator v.5.0.
PERSON: Etienne Mallard
Credited on 4 games, including Blood Bowl.
developer photo PERSON: David Millard
CREATIVE DIRECTOR NiK NaK Games Job History: Creative Director (NiK NaK) 2007-present day Senior Designer/Lead (Kuju Surrey) 2001 -2007 Lead Designer (Argonaut Games) 2000-2001 Designer (Kuju Surrey/Simis) 1997-2000 Gameography:* Various titles in development with NiK NaK. Coming...
Credited on 13 games, including Geometry Wars: Galaxies.
PERSON: Christophe Mallard
Credited on 2 games, including CT Special Forces: Back in the Trenches.
PERSON: Yang-Ja Ballard
Credited on 7 games, including The Curse of Monkey Island.
PERSON: Torsten Allard
Credited on 31 games, including Anstoss 4: Der FuƟballmanager - Edition 03/04.
PERSON: Michael Mallari
Credited on 11 games, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06.
PERSON: Angela Mallard
Credited on 2 games, including FIFA 18.
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