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COMPANY: Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Mirrorsoft was the Mirror newspaper group's own software house. It mostly published games, but also some eductional and productivity software, notably the Fleet Street Publisher (a DTP package). It was also responsible for the labels Image Works (original games), PSS (strategy games, after...
74 games documented, including Flight of the Intruder.
COMPANY: Mirrorsoft Games
19 games documented, including Interphase.
COMPANY: Microsoft Corporation
Founded in 1975, Microsoft has become the biggest name in productivity, home entertainment and business software - from the most used operating systems in the world (DOS and later Windows) to Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Azure and more. Microsoft has also become a major contributor to video...
1035 games documented, including Forza Horizon 5.
COMPANY: Xbox Game Studios
AKA: Microsoft Game Studios, Microsoft Studios
Microsoft entered the home video games console market in 2001 with the Xbox. The Microsoft Game Studios label was introduced in July 2002 for products developed in-house or as first-party software for the Xbox console. Next to the original development teams, Microsoft also set up or acquired a...
1732 games documented, including Forza Horizon 5.
COMPANY: Microsoft France
2 games documented, including Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania.
COMPANY: Microsoft Press
1 game documented: David Ahl's Basic Computer Adventures.
COMPANY: Microsoft Taiwan Corporation
3 games documented, including Halo: Reach.
COMPANY: Microsoft Research Games
2 games documented, including Allegiance.
COMPANY: Hi-Tech Microsoft
6 games documented, including Memory Stars.
COMPANY: Crystal Microsoft, LTD.
7 games documented, including Crystal Downs.
COMPANY: Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH is Microsoft Corporation's publishing subsidiary in and for Germany. Note: for German games published under the Microsoft Game Studios label, use Microsoft Game Studios instead of Microsoft Deutschland GmbH.
2 games documented, including Microsoft Windows Vista (included games).
GROUP: Microsoft Flight Simulator series
Arguably the longest running PC "game" series in existence, this group is for all of the flight simulations created by the Bruce Artwick Organization (and descendants) and marketed by Microsoft. This group is only for official instalments. Please use this group for unofficial add-ons.
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