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GROUP: Myst series
Myst is a series of adventure games originally created by the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, and developed by Cyan, Inc.. Myst games are played from a first-person perspective and place a strong emphasis on complex puzzles. Setting and Story Myst games are set in fictional realms known as Ages,...
GROUP: Myst variants
This group is for games inspired by the first-person adventure game series Myst. These games typically do away with the inventory based puzzles of other adventure games and focus more on environment based logic puzzles.
GROUP: 4 Most series
GROUP: EA Most Wanted releases
Games which were released under the EA Most Wanted budget release ranges by Electronic Arts in Germany and/or Austria and Switzerland.
GROUP: Orcs Must Die! series
GROUP: Dark Mist series
GROUP: One Must Fall series
GROUP: Hero Must Die series
GROUP: Bunny Must Die! series
GROUP: Fernandez Must Die versions
GROUP: Most Wanted's Mystery Tales series
GROUP: Burn, Zombie, Burn! / All Zombies Must Die! series
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