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GROUP: Pengo variants
Games based on or inspired by Coreland's arcade game, Pengo, where the main character moves around blocks to squash or trap enemies.
GROUP: Pang variants
Games that feature the gameplay of Pang, first exhibited in the game Cannon Ball by Hudson. The player(s) need to eliminate bouncing bubbles by splitting them in halve until they disappear, and at the same time avoid being hit by them.
GROUP: Rango licensees
GROUP: Buster Bros. / Pang series
GROUP: Fantasia Sango/Huanxiang Sanguozhi series
GROUP: Kango Shicyauzo / I'm Gonna Nurse You series
GROUP: Sango Fighter / Wu Jiang Zheng Ba series
A series of Chinese-made versus fighting games set in the Three Kingdoms era.