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developer photo PERSON: Captain Sensible
Credited on 4 games, including Sensible Soccer: European Champions.
game cover GAME: Sensible Golf (1995)
Amiga (1995), DOS (1996)
GAME: Sensible Soccer (January 21st, 2005)
J2ME (2005)
game cover GAME: Sensible Massacre (1994)
Amiga (1994)
game cover GAME: Sensible Train-Spotting (August 1995)
Amiga (1995)
COMPANY: Sensible Software
Founded in Chelmsford, Essex, UK in 1986 by Jon Hare and Chris Yates, two former school friends, Sensible Software was one of the most successful European development teams throughout the 8 Bit and 16-Bit eras, creating no less than seven #1 games in the UK in their 13 year history and scooping...
30 games documented, including Sensible World of Soccer '95/'96.
game cover GAME: Sensible Soccer 2006 (June 9th, 2006)
Windows (2006), PlayStation 2 (2006), Xbox (2006)
game cover GAME: Sensible Soccer '98: European Club Edition (1997)
AKA: Sensible Soccer
Windows (1997), PlayStation (1998)
game cover GAME: Sensible Soccer '98 (1997)
AKA: Sensible Soccer - Die WM-Edition, Sensible Soccer '98 World Cup Edition
Windows (1997)
COMPANY: Sensible Software
2 games documented, including Cyclotron.
game cover GAME: Sensible Soccer Skills (June 16th, 2010)
J2ME (2010), Symbian (2010), iPhone (2010)
game cover GAME: International Sensible Soccer (1994)
AKA: Sensible Soccer v1.2: International Edition, International Sensible Soccer: World Champions, Sensible Soccer: European Champions, International Sensible Soccer: Limited Edition featuring World Cup Teams, Sensible Soccer: International Edition
DOS (1994), Amiga (1994), Amiga CD32 (1994), Atari ST (1994), Jaguar (1995)
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