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GROUP: Tetris variants
Tetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game can be considered a variant of Tetris. However, this group is only for game directly based on the original Tetris concept. To be included the falling blocks have to be polyominoes of various shapes (this excludes games...
GROUP: Tetris licensees
All games produced under an official Tetris license/brand, including Tetris, Welltris, Hatris, Wordtris, Super Tetris, etc. For unofficial Tetris games see Tetris variants. For the related sub-genre see Falling Block Puzzle.
GROUP: Tetris Party series
GROUP: Metris series
GROUP: Tetris: The Grand Master series
An official Tetris sub-series distinguished by its unique set of gameplay rules and goals. These games challenge players to reach the highest level possible in the shortest amount of time. Players are awarded rankings based on how well they play, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the elusive...