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game cover GAME: The Settlers (November 6th, 2009)
AKA: The Settlers HD
iPhone (2009), webOS (2010), bada (2010), iPad (2010), Android (2011), Symbian (2011), Fire OS (2011)
game cover GAME: The Settlers (July 12th, 2007)
Nintendo DS (2007)
GROUP: The Settlers series
Settlers is a series of managerial strategy games introduced by German game developer Bluebyte Studio GmbH where the focus of the game is resource management, construction and expansion in order to advance in the game. The basic story usually revolves around a tribe (or nation) trapped in an...
game cover GAME: Heritage of Kings: The Settlers (November 25th, 2004)
AKA: The Settlers: Heritage of Kings, Settlers V, Settlers: L'Héritage des Rois, Settlers 5, The Settlers. Наследие королей, The Settlers: El Linaje de los Reyes, The Settlers: Dziedzictwo Królów, The Settlers: L'eredità dei Re
Windows (2004)
game cover GAME: The Settlers: Rise of an Empire (September 27th, 2007)
AKA: The Settlers: Vzestup říše, The Settlers. Расцвет империи, The Settlers: Bâtisseurs d'Empire, The Settlers: Narodziny Imperium, The Settlers: Construye tu Imperio, The Settlers: La Nascità di un Impero
Windows (2007)
game cover GAME: The Settlers: Rise of Cultures (August 28th, 2008)
AKA: The Settlers: Narodziny Kultur, The Settlers. Зарождение цивилизаций
Windows (2008)
game cover GAME: The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary (September 7th, 2006)
AKA: The Settlers II: 10-lecie, The Settlers II: 10. výročí, The Settlers II: Юбилейное издание, The Settlers II: 10ème Anniversaire, The Settlers II: The Next Generation
Windows (2006)
game cover GAME: The Settlers: New Allies (February 17th, 2023)
AKA: The Settlers
Windows (2023), PlayStation 4 (2023), Xbox One (2023), Nintendo Switch (2023), Xbox Series (2023)
game cover GAME: The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom (March 24th, 2010)
AKA: The Settlers 7: A l’Aube d’un Nouveau Royaume, The Settlers 7. Право на трон, The Settlers 7: Droga do Królestwa, The Settlers 7: La Strada Verso il Regno, The Settlers 7: Los Caminos Del Reino
Macintosh (2010), Windows (2010)
game cover GAME: The Settlers III: Ultimate Collection (March 18th, 2000)
AKA: The Settlers III: Złota Edycja, The Settlers III: Gold Edition
Windows (2000)
game cover GAME: The Settlers Online: Special Edition (December 6th, 2012)
Windows (2012)
game cover GAME: Die Siedler II: Die nächste Generation - Wikinger (February 22nd, 2007)
AKA: The Settlers II: Юбилейное издание. Викинги, The Settlers II: 10. výročí - Vikingové, The Settlers II: 10-lecie - Wikingowie
Windows (2007)
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