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GROUP: Wings games
Versions, remakes and editions of Cinemaware's Wings game.
GROUP: Wings over series
Series of flight simulators by Third Wire Productions, Inc..
GROUP: Wings of Prey
Gaijin Entertainment's World War II flight combat simulation series.
GROUP: Combat Wings series
GROUP: Red Wings series
GROUP: Pigeon Wings series
GROUP: Air Wings series
GROUP: Crusader Kings series
GROUP: Wing Commander series
Space flight and combat simulation series developed by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. set around the military conflicts between Earth and other space-faring races, notably the feline Kilrathi, in the far future. Awards Computer Gaming World November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – Most Memorable Game Hero...
GROUP: Wings of Honour series
Series of World War I arcade flight simulators.
GROUP: Wing Commander universe
All games produced under the Wing Commander universe.
GROUP: Wings of War series
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