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PERSON: Achim Behrens
Credited on 5 games, including Overboard!.
PERSON: Stuntman Stu
Credited on Family Feud.
developer photo PERSON: Robert Stoneman
Credited on 17 games, including Mass Effect 2.
PERSON: Phillip Studiman
Credited on 3 games, including Dragon Ball FighterZ.
PERSON: Leonard Stuttman
PERSON: Scott Stutsman
Credited on 19 games, including NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup.
developer photo PERSON: Fredrik Stertman
Credited on 7 games, including Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
PERSON: Greg Stutsman
Credited on 41 games, including Rocket Riot.
developer photo PERSON: Kale Stutzman
Credited on 12 games, including Halo 3.
PERSON: Dru Staltman
Credited on 8 games, including Supreme Commander.
Dru Staltman grew up Texas where he graduated from St. Edward's University with a B.S. in Computer Science. Given the opportunity to work at Gas Powered Games, he packed up and moved to Seattle, WA. He began his career as a mission designer, mission scripter and AI designer on Supreme Commander...
developer photo PERSON: Melina Stratman
Credited on 3 games, including My Universe: Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs.
PERSON: Chie Stutzman
Credited on 7 games, including Decurse.
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