Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
101st koffiepad The Netherlands flag 10535
102nd Cavalary Romania flag 10389
103rd Victor Vance Germany flag 10125
104th Brian Hirt United States flag 10072
105th festershinetop n/a 9635
106th Katie Cadet Canada flag 9583
107th JPaterson Canada flag 9551
108th Jake AM Canada flag 9479
109th Trixter United States flag 9125
110th nyccrg United States flag 9111
111th robotriot Germany flag 9071
112th Duduzets Brazil flag 9006
113th Danfer Italy flag 8977
114th monkeyislandgirl Canada flag 8702
115th Spenot Romania flag 8674
116th Riamus United States flag 8520
117th Zeppin United States flag 8425
118th Virgil Russia flag 8387
119th Plokite_Wolf Croatia flag 8324
120th Rola Poland flag 8304
121st CalaisianMindthief Romania flag 8163
122nd Kohler 86 Spain flag 7967
123rd FAM Italy flag 7846
124th Parf Sweden flag 7791
125th Maner76 Canada flag 7738
126th twitek Germany flag 7692
127th Stillman United States flag 7619
128th -Chris Germany flag 7565
129th OmegaPC777 United States flag 7502
130th vicrabb Belgium flag 7299
131st UV Poland flag 7212
132nd erbaltan Italy flag 7174
133rd snuf n/a 6935
134th Teran Germany flag 6873
135th Lain Crowley United States flag 6787
136th Belboz Canada flag 6576
137th 80 Worldwide flag 6538
138th DarkDante Spain flag 6190
139th Dietmar Uschkoreit Germany flag 6027
140th COBRA-COBRETTI Poland flag 6025
141st BdR The Netherlands flag 6009
142nd Ƒreddƴ Africa » South Africa flag 5821
143rd RKL Canada flag 5734
144th game nostalgia Worldwide flag 5640
145th Terrence Bosky United States flag 5463
146th tarmo888 Estonia flag 5384
147th Accatone Turkey flag 5351
148th //dbz: United Kingdom flag 5279
149th Roedie The Netherlands flag 5253
150th Daedolon Finland flag 5183