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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
101st Éiregamer94 Ireland flag 10952
102nd Constantinos Tsikinis Canada flag 10690
103rd DreinIX Greece flag 10672
104th Zovni Argentina flag 10640
105th Cavalary Romania flag 10590
106th ClydeFrog n/a 10542
107th koffiepad The Netherlands flag 10526
108th Victor Vance Germany flag 10195
109th Katie Cadet Canada flag 10131
110th Duduzets Brazil flag 10107
111th Brian Hirt United States flag 10056
112th FAM Italy flag 9814
113th festershinetop n/a 9634
114th JPaterson Canada flag 9550
115th Jake AM Canada flag 9477
116th geneklein Ukraine flag 9433
117th Trixter United States flag 9119
118th nyccrg United States flag 9111
119th robotriot Germany flag 9069
120th monkeyislandgirl Canada flag 8699
121st Spenot Romania flag 8677
122nd Virgil Russia flag 8582
123rd Riamus United States flag 8519
124th Zeppin United States flag 8422
125th Rola Poland flag 8301
126th CalaisianMindthief Romania flag 8244
127th Kohler 86 Spain flag 7964
128th Maner76 Canada flag 7905
129th Parf Sweden flag 7787
130th twitek Germany flag 7718
131st Stillman United States flag 7622
132nd OmegaPC777 United States flag 7567
133rd -Chris Germany flag 7561
134th vicrabb Belgium flag 7291
135th snuf n/a 7237
136th UV Poland flag 7209
137th erbaltan Italy flag 7172
138th Zaibatsu Mexico flag 7122
139th Teran Germany flag 6871
140th Lain Crowley United States flag 6785
141st CaesarZX China flag 6633
142nd Belboz Canada flag 6582
143rd 80 Worldwide flag 6537
144th DarkDante Spain flag 6183
145th BdR The Netherlands flag 6088
146th Dietmar Uschkoreit Germany flag 6027
147th COBRA-COBRETTI Poland flag 6025
148th Ƒreddƴ Africa » South Africa flag 5820
149th RKL Canada flag 5735
150th game nostalgia Worldwide flag 5640