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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1401st phanboy_iv n/a 137
1401st Pekka Kujansuu n/a 137
1401st Martin Lindell Sweden flag 137
1401st Kirschsaft Germany flag 137
1405th Anton Smirnoff n/a 136
1405th Robbb n/a 136
1405th tassadar tassadar n/a 136
1405th Reborn_Demon United Kingdom flag 136
1409th IgorD n/a 135
1409th Wilbert Roget n/a 135
1409th MadEwokHerd n/a 135
1409th Thomas Beekers n/a 135
1409th DOS Games Archive The Netherlands flag 135
1414th Harten n/a 134
1414th Simon Picard n/a 134
1414th Aki Zeta-5 n/a 134
1414th Smaug n/a 134
1414th Caley Roberts n/a 134
1414th Mark Lovegrove United Kingdom flag 134
1414th Namaenashi Germany flag 134
1414th Ingold Canada flag 134
1422nd cartlionel n/a 133
1422nd Delusion Master n/a 133
1422nd Kotario n/a 133
1422nd purestylin Australia flag 133
1422nd Strangerhand n/a 133
1427th Tantalus United States flag 132
1427th Emerson Kawaguchi n/a 132
1427th Shane k n/a 132
1427th Epu United States flag 132
1427th Ben Mcilmoyle Canada flag 132
1427th jp2 n/a 132
1427th Narushima France flag 132
1434th Wayne Westmoreland United States flag 131
1434th tas fee n/a 131
1434th Robert Madsen United States flag 131
1434th gilgamex n/a 131
1438th Lance C n/a 130
1438th Iain Compton n/a 130
1438th Ernest Adams United Kingdom flag 130
1438th Gordon Walton n/a 130
1438th Mark Ennis n/a 130
1438th JD Some n/a 130
1438th Ghost n/a 130
1445th Alex Mendes n/a 129
1445th Ruekov Spain flag 129
1445th eradix Germany flag 129
1445th NIL8R153 Australia flag 129
1445th ALEX ST-AMOUR n/a 129
1445th Ryan Wiltshire n/a 129