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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
151st Parf Sweden flag 7782
152nd -Chris Germany flag 7764
153rd Stillman United States flag 7619
154th gbcat China flag 7593
155th Rounin n/a 7369
156th vicrabb Belgium flag 7290
157th UV Poland flag 7210
158th Arejarn United Kingdom flag 7204
159th erbaltan Italy flag 7155
160th BdR The Netherlands flag 7060
161st Teran Germany flag 6871
162nd GameBoyJames United States flag 6863
163rd Lain Crowley United States flag 6782
164th Belboz Canada flag 6576
165th 80 Worldwide flag 6536
166th Daedolon Finland flag 6534
167th DarkDante Spain flag 6259
168th haynor666 Poland flag 6051
169th COBRA-COBRETTI Poland flag 6024
170th Dietmar Uschkoreit Germany flag 6022
171st Ƒreddƴ Africa » South Africa flag 5817
172nd RKL Canada flag 5734
173rd game nostalgia Worldwide flag 5635
174th Quapil Austria flag 5475
175th Terrence Bosky United States flag 5458
176th tarmo888 Estonia flag 5373
177th Lampbane United States flag 5340
178th Accatone Turkey flag 5314
179th Agamenon3 Spain flag 5295
180th IcyBird1 United States flag 5275
181st Roedie The Netherlands flag 5247
182nd //dbz: United Kingdom flag 5246
183rd mailmanppa Poland flag 5163
184th HP Wiener Austria flag 5161
185th karttu Finland flag 5131
186th retr0gamer80 Switzerland flag 5060
187th gamewarrior United States flag 5042
188th Tony Kail Greece flag 5038
189th Dito within Germany flag 4932
190th Caelestis United States flag 4931
191st eWarrior Estonia flag 4875
191st DarkFalzX n/a 4875
193rd Garcia n/a 4827
194th Zorch n/a 4822
195th wingi Germany flag 4815
196th elfbs Italy flag 4789
197th Joshua J. Slone United States flag 4664
198th Tomer Gabel Israel flag 4634
199th Kasey Chang United States flag 4608
200th Ryan Armstrong Canada flag 4554