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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
351st Crawly Israel flag 1416
352nd Andrew Shepard United States flag 1414
353rd MK2k n/a 1400
354th Xantheous Canada flag 1391
355th Robond Brazil flag 1388
356th yellowshirt United States flag 1385
357th DaWade n/a 1383
357th moditorsen United States flag 1383
359th 6⅞ of Nine n/a 1360
360th Silverfish United Kingdom flag 1346
361st Tonos Gratis n/a 1339
362nd The Fabulous King n/a 1333
363rd Ingsoc Israel flag 1330
364th SifouNaS Greece flag 1326
365th sgtcook United Kingdom flag 1325
366th SanMadJack United States flag 1318
367th Luiz Pacheco Brazil flag 1305
368th Matthew Bailey n/a 1277
369th Master_Sandro Germany flag 1272
370th katarn_88 Germany flag 1266
371st NeoMoose n/a 1262
372nd Raphael n/a 1261
373rd Krzysztof Poland flag 1260
374th Benjamin Wimmer Austria flag 1259
375th Pat Cdr United States flag 1256
376th monikazapper n/a 1242
377th Holly Guerrio United States flag 1234
378th C3R14L.K1L4 Portugal flag 1228
379th cdwfs United States flag 1226
379th Independent Germany flag 1226
381st Pix n/a 1220
382nd Cyborg Worldwide flag 1216
383rd Maxim Murin Russia flag 1209
384th Chris Martin n/a 1204
385th Arjon van Dam The Netherlands flag 1200
386th BogdanM Romania flag 1197
387th Ronald Diemicke United States flag 1195
388th Roger Wilco Canada flag 1194
389th Jewelcase Canada flag 1186
390th Zack Green n/a 1185
391st Fire Convoy n/a 1183
392nd Evilhead Finland flag 1180
392nd William Shawn McDonie n/a 1180
394th Hipolito Pichardo n/a 1172
395th Tapio France flag 1170
396th Marko Poutiainen Finland flag 1160
397th Simon Stelling Germany flag 1147
398th skl Worldwide flag 1141
399th Ghar Canada flag 1132
400th Jacob Gens n/a 1123