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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
401st mo  Germany flag 1474
402nd John Romero Ireland flag 1472
403rd yellowshirt United States flag 1471
404th padouchrapcz Czechia flag 1454
405th Lucefin United States flag 1435
406th R3dn3ck3r Poland flag 1427
407th moditorsen United States flag 1419
408th MichaelPalin Spain flag 1418
409th Crawly Israel flag 1415
410th Andrew Shepard United States flag 1411
411th Gerry Brennan n/a 1405
412th MK2k n/a 1400
413th Independent Germany flag 1399
414th Benjamin Wimmer Austria flag 1387
415th Robond Brazil flag 1385
416th DaWade n/a 1381
417th Ingsoc Israel flag 1369
418th 6⅞ of Nine n/a 1359
419th Muneekah n/a 1346
420th Silverfish United Kingdom flag 1345
421st SophieAyase n/a 1340
422nd The Fabulous King n/a 1337
423rd Bart Smith n/a 1332
424th SifouNaS Greece flag 1326
425th SanMadJack United States flag 1318
426th sgtcook United Kingdom flag 1312
426th Matthias Günl n/a 1312
428th Luiz Pacheco Brazil flag 1303
429th PavelDAS Belarus flag 1298
430th roughana Australia flag 1291
431st damianea103 Poland flag 1269
432nd Matthew Bailey n/a 1268
433rd katarn_88 Germany flag 1267
434th Master_Sandro Germany flag 1266
435th NeoMoose n/a 1264
436th Raphael n/a 1261
437th Krzysztof Poland flag 1260
438th Pat Cdr United States flag 1256
439th Aggelos Mpallis n/a 1254
440th Arjon van Dam The Netherlands flag 1245
441st Artzei Finland flag 1244
442nd Pix n/a 1234
443rd C3R14L.K1L4 Portugal flag 1228
444th cdwfs United States flag 1226
445th pykman Poland flag 1217
446th Cyborg Worldwide flag 1216
447th Ronald Diemicke United States flag 1213
448th Holly Guerrio United States flag 1211
449th Chris Martin n/a 1204
450th Joachim W. Beinhart Hungary flag 1202