🐳 29 years ago: The Elder Scrolls: Arena was released!
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About Me

I'm an avid game collector, my goal is to have all important consoles. Not only interested in playing games but also in the history of video games, consoles and the creation of games. At the moment i study game design at quantm and write reviews and articles about games, consoles and companies for my website, but also have written some reviews for other websites like sega8bit.com.

I mostly like the so called retro games. Everything from the golden age of gaming up to the 32 Bit Era. I'm not that really interested in the so called next generation era, as most of these games at the moment are only boring sequels and remakes that nobody really needs and graphic isn't really important to me.

I also have some other hobbys like playing electric Guitar, Music (Rock, Metal and Blues) Movies (everything interesting from Hitchcock's Rear Window to Braindead and Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill films) and a fan of soccer and ice hockey and collecting stupid looks from guys when they realise that these are my interests and i'm still a woman ;)