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Ozone Sama

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About Me

I'm French, I have a nice collection of old computers and consoles with their games. I try to keep them in good shape in order to play with them for a long time. I'm happy to share games/stuff with peoples, as long as I know that they'll respect it as much as I do.

Games are mainly the visible part of an iceberg of work done by women and men, and that's the reason I like these games. I don't know how I'll handle the case of a game entirely made by a computer A.I. when it will come.

About "for art or for fun" I think games are made a bit for the two. When I grew up there was Atari computers and Infograme was publishing games for them, now Infogramme bought Atari and took its name, so you'll understand that now nothing can surprise me...

I'm open minded, but I do prefer some games for the people who worked on them... Music in a game is very important to me.

I do have a LOT of other center of interest, but I don't feel like it's the place to say more than a few words :

  • languages (French, English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese)

  • arts (graphical, dramatical, musical)

  • and sciences (all of them but the one of war)

Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for today. Thank you for your time, and please... enjoy.

PS: my English isn't perfect, do not fear to correct me when I'm wrong.